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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Definition: When mommy and daddy get away from all the stresses of life and spend quality time together before baby comes.

My husband and I took a baby-moon  pre-baby #1.  We did not get the opportunity to do it pre-baby #2, but we decided we needed to make it a priority to get away pre-baby #3; before our lives got SUPER hectic.  

It was a last minute vacation that was only 4 days long.  We usually go to Mexico and stay in an all adults resort but this time we wanted to stay in the US since I am in my third trimester.  We decided on southwest FL (somewhere {ANYWHERE} warm).  
Good News...we were on a beach ready to relax.  High of 83 and sunny everyday.  
Bad was spring break and there were kids EVERYWHERE.  I felt so guilty for not having my kids with me!!

We made the most of it...we didn't venture near the kid-filled pool, stayed on the beach AWAY from the kids, and ate dinners at 8:30/9pm when all the tots would be fast asleep.  

It was such a relaxing vacation!  We read, talked, and did whole lot of NOTHING.   
29 Weeks:

Monday, April 21, 2014

Best 5 Potty Training Products...Ever.

Ever use something and wonder what your life would have been like had you not discovered that specific product? Like say, air conditioning and washing machines? 

Yeah...these products are just as critical in the potty training world. I've been saved many times by some of these things. Now if someone could just invent a way to detect if a baby has pooped when they SHOULD be napping...

Anyway...check out our top potty products (besides the obviously potty seats, underwear and suckers): 

- Leg warmers/socks. These are essential if you are doing the no diaper plan. Leg warmers and/or socks will help absorb pee running down legs resulting in you cleaning your carpet a lot less while potty training. Your child will still get that uncomfortable wet feeling without you chasing them around with a spray bottle of Resolve. 

- Fold up potty seat. My daughter was scared to death to use a public toilet. They are loud and HUGE to little ones. So we used a fold up potty seat similar to the one below. I stored it in a gallon sized freezer bag with disinfecting wipes in my diaper bag. Yes...I carried around a toilet seat on a daily basis for a solid year. But it worked and she had no fear of using the big scary potties!

Fold up potty seat on Amazon
- Water proof pad for car seat. My daughter thought her car seat was a toilet for awhile after she was potty trained. I guess maybe she would just relax in the car and pee? Who knows...but I do know that car seats are a MAJOR PAIN to clean. And what happens when the pee and you still have errands to run? Just grab a piddle pad! I actually haven't used this product but will absolutely be buying one (or 10) when it is time to train my son. This brand says it will hold up to a CUP OF LIQUID! I'd say that's pretty good.

Piddle Pad on

- Disposable sheet pads. You guys...this is GENIUS!! I just recently discovered this product and I want to shout it from the roof tops. These are DISPOSABLE sheet protectors and they soak up everything. EVERYTHING! We still have a waterproof cover on my daughter's bed but if she wets the bed, we do not need to worry about the mattress at all. Best thing EVER!

GoodNites from

- Overnight training pants. Did you know Pull-Ups make an overnight version? I didn't either until my daughter was peeing through the regular ones. The night time ones make it so much easier for your little ones to go potty if they need to (instead of having to break out of a diaper) but still offer more protection if they aren't ready to move to undies in their sleep.

Have you potty trained your little one? What were your must haves or things you found out about after the fact?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Calling All Parents Who Have Not Done An Easter Craft....

Yep...I am definitely in this category!  In fact, we haven't even decorated Easter Eggs.  And I JUST put out the Easter decorations.   -tisk-tisk-

I don't have my own Easter craft to share with you, however, Pinterest has lots of ideas for us!!

Here were a few of my favorites that are actually doable... 

Adorable Bunny with prints of your child's hands and feet.  

Loving this Carrot & Bunny Foot from siblings.  Definitely a keepsake! 

This is adorable and supplies we probably have laying around the house!! 
Pinned from Whitney Blair  

Do you have any cute Easter crafts to share??   Please link to you blog below!! 

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