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Friday, February 27, 2015

This Girl Is On Fire


It was a cold, snowy day.  My kids went out back to play in the snow.  Snow drifts were above their knees.  They came inside after 30 minutes feeling cold and asking for a fire. 

I received a fireplace kit for Christmas.  I loved it!!  Love the warmth, the ambiance, and the ability to sit by the fire with my kids and talk.   As I was in a bit of a hurry trying to start the fire before I had to make dinner, my mind was not in the present moment.

I should mention, we have a gas fireplace.   
First, I forgot to open the flue.  Then I turned the gas on super low and started lighting the fire but it was not catching.  Not thinking, I turned the gas up a little higher, and lit the lighter again and again until finally a spark lit.   Suddenly a ball of fire came rolling out of the fireplace and knocked me backwards while burning my face.    

Human error.   Please don't take the time to comment on what I should have done....I KNOW!

And my mistake turned into a very scary situation.   After being knocked down, my poor kids were screaming, the smoke detectors were going off, and the house wreaked of gas and burnt hair.  I glanced around to make sure nothing was on fire.  Then realized my hair was falling out in chunks and ashes were coming off of my head.   I ran into the bathroom to see the damage. eyebrow.  Half Gone.

My eyelashes....Goners.

And my HAIR!   It looked like I stuck my finger in an outlet.  
One spot was definitely missing in the front, and pieces were singed all over....

Thankfully a few neighbors and girlfriend came to my rescue to help me take care of the kids and get myself calmed down and cleaned up.     Just a few meltdown later I was OK.    
And realized how fortunate I was/am!   
The next day I went everywhere incognito.

Then I had my eyelashes fixed...

And then my hair repaired.....

And my eyebrow looking less 'odd'....

All small, fixable cosmetic things!  Praise God.

Note to self:
OPEN the flue.
Make sure lighter has fluid.
Light first.  Then gas.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Breakfast "ice cream"

Do you struggle to get your kids to eat? I have since the day my daughter was born. She just hates eating unless her food involves chocolate- if there is chocolate she is all in. I'd consider my son a decent eater, but he's starting to fall into that picky toddler stage that most kids hit at some point (and if you haven't experienced this, count your blessings!).

Even on the worst days my kids always ate breakfast. That is until recently. Over the last few months we have been dealing with nothing but sickness, cold temps and day after day of canceled school. My kids are going crazy, I'm going crazy and everything is just completely out of whack.

My kids have watched about 20 hours* of Daniel Tiger in the last 24 hours because school was canceled for the 3rd time in a week and my son is running a 101 fever. Awesome. I took a 3 second potty break and my daughter comes busting into my room screaming "let's make banana swirl and EAT it!!". Did she say she wanted to eat something? And this something involves bananas? Let's do this. *this is an exaggeration. The actual amount of time they've watched Daniel Tiger is estimated to be between 2 hours and 12 hours...I can't be sure.

I have no clue what exactly they saw on Daniel Tiger because before I took my 3 second bathroom break I decided I really needed to put laundry away. So I had my 5 year old explain what "banana swirl" was-

Me: "How do you make it?"
Layla: "I don't know"
Me: "Well do you make it with bananas?"
Layla: "I think so, and you have to use that loud thing that spins".
Me: "is it cold or hot?"
Layla: "It has SPRINKLES!"

So from that conversation I decided we'd just make banana ice cream. This is SO easy to make! The only thing you really need is a banana! Here's how we made our "ice cream"-

Slice a banana on wax paper and then throw it all into your freezer. I checked it after about 2.5 hours and it was frozen solid. You don't want it to be even slightly mushy because you'll just end up with baby food.

Throw your frozen banana slices into a blender and blend until smooth. It doesn't take long. Shout out to my Ninja - Moms, if you don't have one of these you are missing out. I use it to make everything from egg salad to smoothies.

Scoop into a super cool banana bowl that makes your kids CRACK UP every time you use it and top with sprinkles-

And enjoy! We actually ended up making this in the afternoon but it was a sick/snow day and so we stayed in our PJs until it was time to put new PJs on.

Layla said "this is SO good, I want to eat it for breakfast". I told her banana swirl was the perfect breakfast food and we could absolutely make it again this week. My plan is to just slice and freeze the bananas the night before and blend them the morning of. If "ice cream" for breakfast is what it takes for them to be it! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Braylon is 7 Months Old

Honestly...I can hardly handle it.

Why do our babies have to grow up SO damn fast?!

At 7 months Braylon is becoming quite a momma's boy.  He likes to know where I am and loves to snuggle me.  Our favorite snuggles are cheek to cheek.    He is starting to prefer tummy time vs being on his back, but has not shown signs of crawling just yet.   He sits up well and enjoys sitting and playing with his toys...but mostly chewing on them!

Braylon has 3 bottom teeth and his top teeth are just about ready to make their debut.

He eats cereal and baby food twice a day and is getting a better handle on the puffs.   I have a feeling he will be ready for finger foods shortly!  He is still nursing 5-6 times a day, as well.

Braylon sleeps in his crib at night and for AT LEAST one nap a day.   He goes right down at night and  wakes up one time to eat.   He has made it to 6am a few times recently!!  

We have had to start some sleep training for naps.  NOT FUN.   But SO worth it to have a well rested, self soothing baby.    Still a work in progress, but we are getting there!

Braylon's favorite activities of the day include his bouncer, eating puffs, and being held by momma!    

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