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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Calling All Parents Who Have Not Done An Easter Craft....

Yep...I am definitely in this category!  In fact, we haven't even decorated Easter Eggs.  And I JUST put out the Easter decorations.   -tisk-tisk-

I don't have my own Easter craft to share with you, however, Pinterest has lots of ideas for us!!

Here were a few of my favorites that are actually doable... 

Adorable Bunny with prints of your child's hands and feet.  

Loving this Carrot & Bunny Foot from siblings.  Definitely a keepsake! 

This is adorable and supplies we probably have laying around the house!! 
Pinned from Whitney Blair  

Do you have any cute Easter crafts to share??   Please link to you blog below!! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

The NEVER ENDING Adventures of Potty Training

I the time I am done with Potty Training I will have had children in diapers for a total of 8-9 years.  But even then my damn dog will still be wearing diapers....

Meet Dylan.  He is 9 years old and lifts his leg to mark everything.   He has been wearing a diaper for the past 8 years.  He probably has another 6 years of life left.   We buy sanitary napkins wholesale.   

I digress...

I have mentioned my struggles potty training my son in the past.

I forced it when he was 2.5 years old.  He had shown zero interest in potty training (just like Dylan, the dog) but I made a rookie mom move and figured he was old enough, 'lets go for it!'  FAIL.   After 24 hours of 5 pee accidents, 1 pee success, and 2 attempts of pealing poop from his underwear and 5 dry heaves; I quit.    No Thank You.  No Potty Training for me! 

At age 3 years we decided to send the majority of our diapers up the chimney with Santa to the North Pole.  Maybe some baby elves could use them??   Santa left us a bunch of big boy underwear in return. We kept some diapers for long car rides, nap, and night time.  Other than that....We were done with diapers.   My son basically trained himself.  How?  Simple-he was ready.   He has had maaaaybe 4 accidents ever since.  (minus night time)

My daughter's potty training story:  
In Princess Potty Training Camp.

She keeps a dry pull up for MONTHS...then I have her wear big girl underwear and she pees herself within the hour.   I am baffled every. single. time.

She says sorry.  I say I am sorry that happened too because now Cinderella is soaked in pee.  
I did what every mother should do in this desperate situation....ship her to grandma's for the week.   Not one major accident and came back 98% potty trained.   Now, with our busy life style, I haven't gained enough courage to leave the house for longer than 3 hours without a pull up on.  BUT, that is in our near future.   The princess is fragile and needs baby steps.

She has 7-10 weeks to figure this out though before Baby #3 comes into the house.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Why I Should NOT Let My Child Play With My Phone....

My kids play with my phone ALL the time!    It is hardly even mine anymore.  

Here is what I see when I get my phone back...

Okay...I took this one mid-plank because Ashley B kept texting me and I had to show her I was busy...

I know Ashley B has some good ones her kids have taken....She needs to post soon.  

Do us a favor and post your favorite pics you get back on your phone!!

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