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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throw me a bone here.

Life with kids is never, EVER a dull moment.

First let me apologize because we have sucked at posting lately. Ash W is not only adjusting to life with 3 kids and a new school year but her hubby has been crazy busy with work. She's finding her new normal and being a total rock star if you ask me.

And then there is me. We also have started a new school year, my husband's travel schedule exploded and my son contracted a mystery illness a few weeks ago. We could NOT figure out why he was waking up every 15 minutes at night and was just generally miserable all the time. He started with a bit of a cold but no other symptoms...just crabby and being a toddler. Then BOOM, we had a rash-

What the heck? It started on his back, spread down his butt, around his hip and down his leg. So basically from the top of his diaper to his knee. I immediately thought he had that stupid kid virus hospitalizing everyone (duh) and took him into his pediatrician.

Shingles. My 81 year old man 21 month old toddler has shingles. We've been through a lot with this guy. Head squeezings, non stop breathing treatments last winter and eye infections that would make your mom wince...and now we have shingles.

My poor, sweet baby has been so SO sick. He's been in a lot of pain and not sleeping (seriously guys...every 15 minutes he was up for almost a week). We started him on some meds and those seem to help. Almost 2 weeks later his rash is looking better and he doesn't seem to be any pain but he's itching like crazy. We've been limiting trips out of the house because wearing pants isn't ideal for him and I can't take a child around with that kind of rash without getting looks.

So how did he get it? From the chicken pox vaccination. It is extremely rare for a little one to have shingles pop up like this...our doctor has only seen 2 other cases. Of COURSE it's rare...that's why it's happen to us. :) Someday we will win the lottery.

So the last few weeks as been full of not getting ANYTHING done and letting Jack do whatever he wants. This includes Cheez-Its for breakfast and playing with whatever will take his mind off the rash-

I hope you are all have had a MUCH better last few weeks than we have in our house. I'm happy to say Jack is on the mend and should be itch free in another week or two. Until then we will be doing lots of oatmeal baths (gross) and no pants days.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Skinned knees are a GOOD thing?!

My kids are like night and day. They look different, they have totally different personalities and are basically the exact opposite of one another. It's awesome in a lot of ways but sometimes I think I'm "paying" for all the things we thought were easy with our first. Funny how that works out.

My daughter has always been so cautions. This kid had to go down the stairs on her butt until she was well over 3. She chews her food 100 times before she swallows. She'll cry for hours if she falls (or I push her) and gets a scratch. And she says she's allergic to things she doesn't like (including, but not limited to, babies and toddlers that happen to be named Jack).

My son, not so much. He constantly has bruises all up and down his legs as well as skinned knees/palms. He falls. A lot. He's a big clumsy boy! I was a little nervous taking him in to his 18 month check over the summer, I didn't know what the doctor would think. Surely I was beating this poor boy or someone pushed him down the stairs. This has been the state of his knees all summer. Note- this is the BEST they looked:

You can imagine my surprise when the doctor said "EXCELLENT! We love shin bruises and skinned knees in this office." Um, come again? Did my pediatrician just say he likes when his patients come in looking like their legs were used in a game of T-ball? He went on to explain that he gets concerned when he sees kids with perfectly colored legs. A little bruising shows that a kid is getting the opportunity to run wild and learn to get up after a fall. That child is getting development opportunities and not sitting inside watching TV all day. He also asked how I was taking those falls- when Momma reacts, child reacts. I've learned to control my emotions, child number two is such a different story.

So my guy was developing normally, hence the bruising on his legs. As soon as I left the office I wondered what he thought when I took my daughter in for her 18 month well visit. I guarantee girlfriend didn't have a single scratch on her, I'm sure they made a note in her file to talk to us about her screen time. LOL.

So don't worry about those skinned knees Momma. It just means you are doing your job right and giving them the room they need to run, jump and play.

PS- I should note that my daughter DID tell our pediatrician that I pushed her after this incident. I have never been so horrified in my life. I told him the story and we all laughed. My daughter left with a smug little smile on her face. Oh the drama...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Braylon is 2 Months!!

I can hardly believe my baby boy is 2 months old!!  (and as I am writing this he is actually almost 3!)

Braylon is such a joy to our family!!  He is my snuggle bear that I never want to put down.   

At two months he is finally starting to wake up a bit more throughout the day.   He has started to intentionally smile at mommy and daddy and loves his play mat and look at the hanging toys.  He also loves his bouncer in the mornings while I am getting ready for the day.    AND....he loves his swing to nap in.   

Right after Braylon turned a month old he started to get really fussy.  He would cry a lot when he was awake, make grunting noises, and was SUPER gassy.   We could tell he was in a lot pain.  He would straighten his legs and stiffen his whole body.    I cut out the majority of dairy to see if that made a difference.   While it did, but he was still having issues.   I talked to an Early Intervention Physical Therapist and she suggested that I climate ALL dairy.  She also taught me some massages to do on his tummy.  The key was...push harder than you think you should.   That helped a TON.      I did decide to take him into the doctor because nighttime was the worst.  He would be up grunting all night long.  Especially after I fed him.   Turns out, poor baby has silent reflux.  

We had no idea since he had never spit up.   You know that horrible feeling in your throat when throw-up comes up and then goes back down....he was having that multiple times an hour.   No wonder he was rubbing his head from side to side and grunting.      After being up on some medicine for a few weeks he was like a brand new baby.   So much happier!!!  

At two months Braylon weighs 11lbs 15oz and is 23.5" long.

And big brother and big sister STILL love him!!

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