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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Must Have Baby Registry Items

Welcome Pinterest friends!! We have had an overwhelming response to this post and we LOVE it! Because of this we created a printable version of our must have items. You can find that HERE.  Read on to see a detailed list with some suggestions of brands and what to look for in each product, then visit our printable baby registry list to take with you when you visit stores. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

Have you been browsing the stores, ready to register, but you just can't pull the trigger because you are overwhelmed by this?

I was too. Actually, I had a really hard time finding a good list of everything I'd NEEDED (and nothing more) online. So we are going to do our best to help you with a great DETAILED list of all the items we couldn't live without.

Bath and Diapering:

- Diapers:   1 small package of NB diapers (you're newborn will grow faster than you think! and if you have a preemie, you can always go out and get more) and 3 boxes of size 1-2. Ash W and I used Pampers and both LOVE them...but I know people that love Huggies just as much.

- Cloth Diapers:  I feel like more and more people are doing this, and good for them! I'll be honest and say I don't know much about cloth so do your research if this is the way you are going. Don't forget that you need some extra accessories like sprayer and inserts! And you still might want to register for a few disposables since those are great for long trips out of the house.

- Wipes:  You'll need a to register for 1 or 2 of the plastic reusable bins and then 900 boxes of the refills. If 900 seems excessive, then just do 5 or so...but trust me you'll use every last wipe and then some. Again, we love Pampers brand!

- Diaper rash creme: Destin and Auqaphor are good brands, 2 tubes of the stuff should last you awhile.

- Infant bath tub: Look for one that has a mesh "nest" for newborns that you can remove as baby gets older.

- Baby wash and lotion: Anything Aveeno and also Johnson and Johnson Night Time is good, 2 big bottles of both will last you forever.

- Towels and Wash Cloths: I know they are cute but you really only need about 3 hooded towels and 5-8 wash cloths.

- Faucet Cover : Either an inflatable or plastic kind will work…both will keep baby's head from hitting the hard bath faucet.
- Bath Toys and Storage : Squirt toys, bath books, rubber ducks are all great! Don't forget a hanging storage container too keep everything out of the way.
- Tylenol and Ibuprofen: You'll need lots of these for fevers and teething so at least 2 of each is good on a registry. Go for generic brands if you'd like, they are just as good!

- Teething tabs: These work wonders for a teething baby and 1 bottle will last for awhile.

- Q-tips: You won't use these much so register for 1 of the smallest packages you can find.

- Medical Kit: these typically have nail clippers, a brush/comb, medicine dropper, thermometer, nasal aspirator…etc in them. If you don't register for a kit, at least make sure to have some clippers and a thermometer on your list!|pdp|698036|ClickCP|item_page.adjacency&lnk=Rec|pdp|ClickCP|item_page.adjacency

- Infant toothbrush and toothpaste: Just 1 of these will last while the teeth are still coming.

- Toddler toothbrush and toothpaste: It says toddler but I started using a small toothbrush on my daughter fairly early (around a year).


- Formula: Even if you plan on nursing, having a small can of formula at home for supplements or "just in case" is a great idea. If you plan to formula feed, you might want to think twice about registering for a bunch of the same brand. You might find that your baby tolerates a different brand or kind better as you go.

- Pump and accessories: DO NOT BE CHEAP -having a nice pump makes a huge difference! I know it is hard to justify that $300 expense right off the bat, but if you plan to nurse…you'll save it in a few months of not buying formula. Medela is a great brand, I wish I would have gotten the hands free (I had to pump 100% of the time). It is a good idea to buy your pump in a "bundle" like the Pump In Style. This comes with your pump, "funnels" (LOL) and tubing, charger and adapter, plus a cooler with freezer pack and storage bottles.

- Pump cleaning wipes: These are great when you are pumping on the go or when you go back to work. They are a bit pricy so register for a few packs. Go for the Medela brand…they know what they are doing!

- Storage bags: Medela brand storage bags are a great way to store your milk in the fridge and freezer. Register for 2 but you'll most likely need more.

- Nursing wrap: AKA- "hooter hider" (cracks me up every time). You should really only need 1 of these if you are planning to nurse.

- Boppy Pillow and Covers: These are great for nursing Mom's OR for bottle fed babies. You can lay them on the floor to help baby sit up, and they are great for helping siblings "hold" baby. Register for 1 pillow and a cover.

- Bottles Dr. Brown's bottles are great but I will warn you, there are lots of parts to wash. I'd recommend for nursing Moms: 3 - 4oz bottles and 3-6 - 8oz bottles. For bottle feeding Mommas, double that. Remember, you can always go back and get more but you can't return opened bottles! Extra bonus- Dr. Brown's bottles fit on Medela pumps so you don't have to transfer milk from bottle to bottle!

- Nipples: Go with the same brand of nipples that you did with bottles. Most come in different stages of "milk flow" so register for about 2 packs of each stage.

- Cooler and ice packs: You'll just need 1 cooler that is big enough to hold a few 8 oz bottles standing up with a freezer pack.

- Mesh dishwasher basket: You could live with 1 but I'd suggest getting 2 of these, especially if you are bottle feeding.  I recommend mesh because you can't fit a ton of things into the plastic ones that are sold (normally only 3 bottles at a time!). You can also easily wash pacifiers and other small accessories that are dishwasher safe in the "nets".

- Bibs: You'll go through bibs like they are going out of style so 15-20 should do it. Keep in mind these are kind of like clothes, people will buy them because they are cute and don't care what you register for. ;o) Also, a lot of newborn outfits will come with bibs. You should also consider adding 5 plastic bibs to your list for when baby starts solids (easy to wipe off and won't stain!).

- Bowls, plates and utensils: Plastic bowls, plates, spoons and forks…you'll need about 10 of each. Take and Toss brands are super cheap and my daughter actually seemed to like them better than anything else! They are dishwasher safe and easily reusable, but also safe to throw away (hence the name).

- Highchair: Make sure the chair you choose will be easy to wipe down and that any cloth (like the seat cushion) can be removed and washed!

- Travel seat cover: These are great for putting your baby in a shopping cart or high chair when they start sitting up. They keep the germs off hands, toys in check (have hooks for links) and are a soft seat for baby.

- Food processor and storage: If you have time to make your own baby food, do it! And if you don't already have a food processor, stick one on your registry. Don't waste money on one specifically for baby, any food processor will do. Don't forget to add storage containers to your list!

- Sippy Cups: These are similar to the pacifiers…you just don't know what your baby will prefer. Register for a couple of different types to have on hand when the time is right to move to a cup.

- Bottle warmer: This will warm up baby's bottle safely and evenly in an instant!

- Teethers: Get some gel teethers that you can stick in your fridge when baby starts to get sore gums. This giraffe isn't the kind that you stick in the fridge, but this was my daughter's favorite.
- Pacifiers: Believe it or not, these come in different sizes. Register for a few different brands of the Newborn/0-6 month sizes. You never know which brand your baby will prefer. Don't bother with other sizes until you know baby's paci of choice.

- Burp rags: You'll need 850 of these, seriously…850.


- Changing pad and cover:The contour changing pads are great for your nursery. You can pop these babies right on a dresser for a simple, more compact and cheap solution to a changing table. They come with removable/washable covers so make sure to register for 1 of those as well!
- Crib and mattress: Sometimes you can get a special- buy the crib get a mattress included!

- Fitted sheets:  3 sheets should be plenty, you'll be changing these in the middle of the night often and will appreciate 1 or 2 extras.

- Waterproof mattress pad: Getting 2 or 3 of these is a good idea…see comment above haha.

- Mobile: Help baby fall asleep (or just give them something to stare at so you can get 5 extra minutes of sleep!)  

- Lamp: At least 1 lamp (that's really all you need) is a good idea for soft light in the nursery when you are up at night with baby.

- Clothing Storage: Think dresser or some way to fold and organize things in a closet.

- Tinny Hangers and Tags: Those clothes are soooo tinny, you'll need a few packages of little hangers to keep them organized. Also, the closet organizer tags are a great way to keep clothing sizes separated so nothing gets lost (and as a result, never worn!).
- Rocker: Having some kind of rocking chair is life saver in the nursery (or even somewhere else in your house). Ottoman is optional, but it is nice to put your feet up and relax while feeding baby.

- Window treatments: Having blackout shades is great! You'll be thankful you are able to keep the light out and baby sleeping in!

- Diaper storage: This could be anything from a basket to a plastic storage system. I had this one for our nursery and I loved that you can take the side compartments off when we didn't need them anymore.

- Book storage: You'll want to keep plenty of books in baby's room to eventually help with the nighttime routine. A book shelf, book ends or even a few baskets are all good options.

- Night stand: Something to go next to your rocker so you can easily set your phone, bottle, burp rag…anything you need right by your side.

- Toy box or other storage: The older your baby gets, the more "stuff" that ends up in there room. Have a couple of extra baskets is great!

- Sound spa: LIFE SAVER. The white noise helps sooth your baby…my 2 year old still loves this!

- Night light: Basically to keep monsters at bay. :)

- Blankets: 3 big soft fluffy blankets are great for laying on the floor for tummy time or covering up in the car. For a newborn, 8-10 receiving blankets will help swaddle baby and catch spit up.

- Monitor : Angel Care Monitors are the best and can really save your baby's life. Both Ash and I have been woken up to the alarm going off because kids were "smothered" in a blanket or sheet, plus I know multiple other people that have had the life saving alarm go off with their babies. If you get anything on our list…get this. I know it is expensive but it is worth the peace of mind and should you need it, your baby's life!

- Decor: Don't forget all the cute extras like picture frames, baby book, artwork for walls, and rugs. Just make sure to keep your color scheme in mind.

On the Go:

- Diaper bag: Lots and LOTS of pockets for bottles, keys, pacifiers…etc. You might even consider registering for a bag for Daddy also!

- Plastic formula holders: These are not only great for formula, but for rice cereal or Cheerios as well! Get 3 of these, you won't be sorry.

- Changing pad: 1 reusable changing pad is enough for your diaper bag, but you may consider getting 1 or 2 boxes of the disposable ones as well. These are great for at home when your contour pad is dirty, or when you are in a pretty nasty public restroom.

- Clorox wipes: 1 or 2 of the travel size packages are great to keep in the car, diaper bag…where ever!

- Car seat: A lot of people opt for the travel systems which come with an infant carrier, car base and stroller. These are amazing and so convenient! It also is a good idea to register for a carseat to use after baby has grown out of their carrier seat (this happened for both my kids around 6 months) we love our 3 in 1 car seat!

- Carseat cover : Winter babies will appreciate being snuggled up under one of these and it really does keep them warmer than just throwing over a blanket because it wraps around behind them as well.|13065275&CPNG=baby&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=13065275

- Strap covers: Save your baby's neck from safety belt burn with these car seat strap covers.

- Mirror for car: See what your baby is up to with a child safe mirror that fits on the headrest of their seat. It gives them something to look at while they are front facing and lets you see what baby is up to back there.

- Infant head support: If your infant carrier doesn't come with great head support, register for a pack of these.

- Stroller: If you opt out of a travel system, make sure you put a stroller that will fit a carrier on your list.

- Car organizer/seat protector: These are great for keeping an extra supply of diapers in the car, and protecting your seat from nasty car seat indents.

- Pack and Play: Great for overnight stays! Ash W and I kept ours up all the time for our babies to use as a changing table and "napping station" in the living room until baby got older.  

- Toys: Small little toys or books to keep in the car and or attach the the carseat

- Links:  These are a great way to keep baby's toys on the carseat/stroller/shopping cart and off the floor.

For Fun, Soothing and Development:

- Swing: I'm not sure how you would survive without a swing for baby. Get one that swings front to back OR side by side and plays music…great for getting baby to sleep at 3 AM.

- Bouncer: A bouncer is a great thing to move around the house and place baby in while you are busy (think showering, making dinner…etc). Some will just use a swing but if you don't want to lug it around the house and up/down stairs, go for a cheap bouncer.

- Sleep system for your room: If baby's room isn't super close to yours, you might opt to have baby sleep in your room for the first few days/weeks/months (let's not get into years here haha). Some use a Pack and Play, or a cosleeper,  cradle  or small crib. Whatever fits and your room and works for you!

- Floor mat/jungle gym: Great for tummy time and just laying around and exploring the toys dangling from above.

Jumper/Excersauser: Some parents will want all three, my daughter only had a jumper. I'd register for a jumper and see how your baby developed before you get the others.

- Books: Baby won't be able to get enough books and you probably won't have to put these on your registry to get them…but put a few of your favorites on there just in case.

- Toys: Go wild with toys! Make sure to go all the way up to 12 or even 18 months, you'll be thankful you have some toys stashed away for future use. Good starter toys of course would be rattles, plush animals, blocks, teethers…etc.

- Safety Items: Every home is different so what you need might not be the same as another new Mommy. Just make sure to have plenty of wall plugs, drawer and cabinet latches and maybe a few door locks on your list.


- Sleepers: Newborn to 12 months…register for at least 5 of each size

- Sleep sacks: My daughter lived in these for the first 3 months of her life. I'd say about 5 of these (they are all 1 size).

- Onesies: NB - 12 months…these are more for layering and keep seasons in mind while registering! A pack or two of each month will get you by for the first year.

- Coat: For winter babies only…I do not want to see someone with their infant in a coat in July haha

- Socks: NB - 12 months, you'll need lots!

- Outfits: Only register for what you absolutely can't live without…you'll get so many clothes as gifts, you won't know what to do with them all!

- Hats: Get several NB size and then a few for whatever size your baby will be in at winter time.
There you have it! It looks like a long, overwhelming list of "must haves" but I have thought long and hard and every single one of these items made our lives easier and I'm confident they will make your's easier too. Don't freak out if you don't get everything on you list…most of this stuff you don't need until baby is a little older anyway. Just make sure you have some clothes, diapers, wipes, a bed and something to feed baby with when you get home…the rest will fall into place as you figure things out. 

Don't see something on the list that you THOUGHT you needed? Check out our post on "Items You (and Baby) Can Live Without".

And don't forget to check out our Registry 101 post for general tips. 


  1. Genius!! Would love to see a post for a Grandparents list.

  2. oh my gosh. thank you. i have to register this weekend and it was bringing me to tears.

  3. Haha you poor thing. It is so overwhelming but try to have FUN too!! You don't get to do this very often. ;o)

  4. I found your post from Pinterest! I think you have some really great products on this list, and it's super helpful for first time parents. I would add thought that using any car seat covers, infant head supports (that do not come with the infant car seat) and seat savers/organizers, will void the warranty on the car seat. While it is up to each parent whether or not they want to use them, they should at least be aware what using these products will do.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jenn! That is interesting about the carseat warranties...I've never heard that. This might just call for some research on my end and another blog post just on this topic. Thanks so much for mentioning it!

    2. My friend is the "Car Seat Expert" for the State of CA dept of Health Services, and she gave me the same advice. Don't affix anything to the car seat that the manufacturer doesn't make. If you need to support their little head, then you can roll up some receiving blankets to prop them.

      Lactation consultants also say that you should not have a back up can of formula if you are trying to exclusively breastfeed. It id like having a snickers in the fridge when you are dieting.

      Thanks for the list! Great starting point for a lot of new mommas.

  5. This is a great list! One thing I did was use a small crock pot for warming bottles. I left it on during the night, so it would be ready for the bottle. The bottles warmed up really fast. Of course, this was 8 years ago, so the bottle warmers might warm up faster than they used to.

    1. Jenny -
      I have a small crock pot and think this is a great idea. I was debating whether or not I should buy a bottle warmer. Did you fill it with water? Low heat over night?
      Thanks for the great tip!

    2. This is such a good idea! I'd like to know, too. I have a mini crock pot for appetizers and dips. Did you fill it with a little water for overnight feedings? LOVE THIS!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Jenny! That's actually a great idea if you are looking to purchase something that you can use AFTER baby grows out of it! And who doesn't love a good crockpot? ;o)

  7. Thank you for this list! I found you on pinterest. I just went and registered last night. It was so overwhelming. I just scanned everything I thought I might need and everything I thought was cute! I've been trying to edit my registry online today, and it is so ovrwheming! Which mattress pad do I choose? The quilted one from BRU or the cheaper cotton one from Target? And don't get me started on bottles! I am printing your list as I write this, and am thinking about deleting my registry and starting over from scratch (using your list and doing a little more research on specific categories). Hoping this makes it much easier!

    1. Awww, try not to get too stressed out Camille! Remember you can always go back and get stuff after baby gets here! In terms of mattress pads- I got 2 of the cotton ones from Target. You don't need the thick quilted kind. I would recommend 2 because you WILL be changing sheets at 3 AM at some point and wake up to yet another mess in the morning (and you'll wish you took the time to put another mattress pad on haha). Don't go crazy with bottles either, just get a few (Ash and I both LOVE Dr. Browns) to get you started...but remember the more you buy the less you often you have to wash bottles. :) Hope those tips help! Let us know if you have any more questions!!

  8. Hi! This list was a great help to me while registering today. I was in the store for nearly 4 hours (this is my first child) but overall a good experience! BRU can be super overwhelming but with the help of a friend and this list, I was able to locate most items and feel pretty organized in the end. Thanks again! =)

    1. I'm so glad the list helped!! And congrats on your first baby. :)

  9. From my experience with both of my girls this list was SPOT on. I literally used everything on this list. There are a couple of things I would add to the list
    -a bottle brush and drying rack. I hand washed tons, even when I had a dish washer.
    -Vicks, or store brand, infant chest rub. Huge lifesaver during colds
    -humidifier, used it tons whenever my girls got sick.
    -If you are nursing nipple cream- nothing worse than sore, cracked nipples

    1. Great additions Bridget! I knew we couldn't think of everything...I may just have to update the list!

  10. This is a great list. I spent hours, while I was pregnant, trying to figure out what all I needed.
    I would only make a few changes/additions. I prefer organic bath soaps, lotion, and wipes. I do not recommend registering for clothes since the stores change them out frequently and people are going to buy you what they want you to have anyway. I would also recommend a carrier (the Moby wrap has been great) and a stroller, other than the one that comes with a travel system. A humidifier is another thing that you do not want to have to run out in the middle of the night to buy.
    I believe some people forget about the items they will need as the baby grows, for instance the cover for the bathtub faucet. I also recommend when registering, register for you only (you can purchase the extra for grandparents later). It is frustrating looking at a list with 3 bathtubs and 2 pack n’ plays, choose your favorite and leave it at that.

    1. Good catch on the humidifier...totally forgot that one! And you are right, planning ahead for things that you will need as baby gets older is a great idea. Thanks for the tips Cara!

  11. Found this through Pinterest! Thank you so much! I've been trying to put my registry together and it's been so overwhelming with all the options and different items. Your list will definitely help me out!

  12. Good list. I actually didn't need most of that stuff, but you di bring up some good points on why all that stuff might be useful. Just a couple of tidbits here:
    If you are breastfeeding, I strongly advise NOT to have a can of formula for "just in case". Supplementing with formula can ruin your supply. I would suggest buying a cheap manual pump and storing some breastmilk for emergencies.
    Also, one of the items I found most important was my Ergo Baby carrier. Any other baby carrier will work as long as it doesn't hold the baby by the crotch like a Baby Bjorn. "Crotch carriers" are very bad for spine development.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your tips Louise!

  13. It's a good list except for the baby monitor. That is incredible overkill. 99.9% of babies don't suffocate and die. Also, you aren't supposed to give them blankets. That is what footed pajamas are for. They can't get tangled in covers if there are none. Also skip bumper and pillows. Just bottom sheet with plastic cover underneath=no baby smothering. I find your suggestion to be very alarmist and alarming at the same time and think you need to be more responsible in making such suggestions. To each his own, but to say that everyone should have one is just not in agreement with what a rational well-educated pediatrician would suggest. Peds only suggest those for children with serious issues.

    1. Hi Kimberly, thanks for stopping by! I totally respect your view point on the monitor, lots of my friends have traditional no-sensor monitors with no troubles and it works great for them. I'll just say that I do know a few people that do have them and are 100% happy (especially me with our situation) that they have/had them.

      I'm glad you mentioned skipping bumpers and pillows (and I'll add quilts that normally come with those bedding sets!). They are so cute but totally unnecessary.

  14. Another super easy way to warm bottles is to simply microwave a mug of water and place the bottle in it. 2 minutes in the microwave and it only takes a couple of minutes for the bottle to warm. I breastfed both of my kiddos, my son stopped nursing at 8 months, and was on breastmilk until 15 months, I am a licensed early childhood educator, and I have worked in infant childcare for 6 years. Also, Desitin can be very irritating on children's rashes. It works for some kids, but overall I have found it makes more rashes worse than better. Another option you can find in all stores is A&D ointment. Really, anything that is an ointment instead of a cream is good. The best out there is Corona Ointment (wish they paid me every time I recommended them, I wouldn't need to work). Some Wal-mart and K-mart stores carry it in their pharmacy, you have to ask for it. The normal place to buy it is at Fleet Farm or somewhere similar. It is in the cattle department. It says on the bottle it is udder cream. I have had doctors, nurses and pharmacists all tell me this is THE BEST diaper cream out there, but ONLY use it for a rash, and make sure you wipe the excess off your fingers before washing, as it will not wash off easily. Nursing homes also use it for bedsores.

    1. Is that the same thing as "Bag Balm"

    2. Is that the same thing as "Bag Balm"?

  15. Thanks for the tip, Leah! I will definitely keep this in mind, as my daughter seems to get frequent diaper rash.

  16. a FTM this list is really helping me out. I mean, I knew a lot of what I needed to get, but this covered some of the stuff I wouldn't have thought of until the last minute when I actually needed it! Thanks so much! The only thing I would change/Add to the list is one of the Window Blinds for the car, so baby doesn't get sun blasted driving down the road. <3

    1. Thanks for stopping by Koda! You are right, a window blind is a wonderful thing to have! :)

  17. Fantastic post!!! My husband and I are not even pregnant yet, but are trying to be as prepared as possible!!! This is the best list I have found in all the research I have done online! It is amazing! You did reaffirm some items (that we are already stocking up on like Dr. Brown's bottles) which is comforting! Do you guys have a post about what Mom might need, for the hospital, post-postpartum, etc.? It is easy to get over-whelmed just thinking about all that goes into having children (including what is happening to you)! Oh, and is there a specific book you would recommend reading? I have always heard about What to Expect When You're Expecting, but with so many resources and books out there it's hard to know what is decent and what isn't! So thankful I found your blog! (Pinterest, gotta love it!)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We have done several posts on the topics you've mentioned. Take a look at our pregnancy series topics ( and I think you'll find a lot of great information. ;o) If you want to look into some of the other series we've done visit our "the naptime series" link at the top of our blog...that will lead you where you need to go.

      PS- I would not recommend What to Expect When You're our pregnancy resource post, there are a few resources that are better and F-R-E-E. :) Good luck!!

    2. @matterofmine I agree with Ashley and Ashley - I did not like "What to Expect When You're Expecting" at all. The material is so boring, I could hardly go through a chapter in 1 months :) It is written month by month, but then on month 6 I would read smth that I experienced in month 2 and wish I read it before..,
      Anyway, someone gave me "YOU having a baby". It has a lot of good advice and gives you detailed and fun explanation of everything happening in your body. I personally, really like this book. So did some of my pregnant friends!
      Good luck!

    3. @matterofmine I 100% agree with Ashley and Ashley in regards to the book. I did not like "What to Expect When You're Expecting" at all: material is very boring and plain. I could hardly finish 1 chapter in 1 months :)In month 6 chapter I would read about symptoms or questions I had during month 2 (maybe I just did it all wrong).
      Anyway, a friend of mine gave me "YOU having a baby" and I absolutely love it. They provide fun and detailed explanation of what's happening to your body. I do recommend this book (even for your own education), but this Blog is also amazing!! Helps me a lot with many of the questions I'm having!

  18. I think this is a great list but I do have one comment about baby walkers; many parents believe that they can help children learn to walk but they can actually hinder development. Also, they can present a danger and they have been banned in Canada since 2004. So if you live in Canada you will not be able to purchase one and you will get in trouble if you buy one in the States and it's discovered.

    1. Interesting! Are you referring to the ones that the baby actually sits in? Kind of like a Jumperoo but with wheels? I know that there limitations of how much baby uses a jumper for that same reason (I'm thinking maybe 20 minutes a day max but I could be off on that...) so I could totally see why a walker would do the same. Do they sell the push walkers in Canada? The ones where baby can actually stand but just has a little support and something to hold on to while they learn to balance.

  19. You can now deduct breast feeding supplies on your taxes! Pump, storage bags and containers. All tax deductable as of Feb 2011 I think.

  20. First of all, as a child development specialist I am beyond happy to not see the Bumbo on this list! (for people that don't know, the Bumbo is a "chair" designed to have children sit long before they are developmentally ready and can cause spinal "blisters" from the pressure.)

    However, the Johnny Jumper isn't recommended by CDS because it can cause leg fractures if older siblings or parents attempt to aid their children in jumping higher. While many children enjoy the vestibular feedback, if it is to be used extreme caution needs to be advised.

    (Walkers the one's where they sit and have wheels, not the push style) have also been discouraged as they present a safety and developmental hazard)

    And no toy should take the place of human interaction... so if you're baby is having tummy time,jumping time or exersaucer time, make eyecontact and talk, sing, and enjoy your baby!

  21. Thank you so much for posting this! So very helpful!

  22. GREAT list! This is what my mom did when my littlest sister was born; She put her in cloth diapers and used them (clean ovbiously) as burp rags. We just had a medium sized bucket full of cloth diapers. We probably had 50 and she wore them for a couple of years. You can always make your own burp rags with clearance fabric from johanas, hobby lobby, etc.

  23. I love it that you included cloth diapers. I do not use a sprayer (I use an old knife to scrape into the toilet) because babies turn into toddlers and toddlers can turn on sprayers. :) I also preferred the Maya Wrap to the Moby-a less work to put on and you can use it longer. I skip the wipes containers for the less expensive Kirkland brand found at Costco.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Sara! I never thought about that sprayer being used as toy...too funny but you are SO right!

  24. Thank you so much for this blog. This has helped soooo much with my wife and I setting up our baby registry!

  25. Love the list! Personally I didn't get a ton of diapers or bottles-some kids don't like certain bottles and some are allergic to certain diapers-I had a couple friends that learned the hard way!! Plus don't open everything at once-we had to take a handful back because we figured out it was cute, but wasn't logical or she grew out of it!

  26. Thank you for this list!!! It was exactly what I was searching for, I was able to register for almost everything by sitting on my laptop with your list on my screen. I've already recommended it to a couple of my friends to use, too.


  27. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I found this page via Pinterest a few months back. Since then, I have been reading your blog and find it very helpful!
    This list though saved me! :) I have never been around babies and this is my first child, so I got extremely overwhelmed! Even suggested lists from the stores did not help! Then I remembered about your post and have 1 thing to say - you guys are awesome! I was able to put my registry together in a weekend :) Yaay! I loved the order and the suggestions of brands based on personal experience! Thank you very much for this! Also, thank you everyone for the comments! Very helpful!

  28. This is a really great list! I'd only change/add a few things. 1 - Baby sunscreen for summertime (and swim diapers if you have a water baby like me!). 2 - Nursing pads for breastfeeding mamas. It sucks to wake up to soaked bras and shirts! 3 - I rarely use socks for my boy's feet, but I got about 8 million at my shower. I used them as mitts for his hands because he likes to pinch, scratch, and grab my boobs while nursing! 4 - A bottle drying rack and bottle brush are musts.

  29. THANK YOU for your excellent suggestions. I am a first time mom and I feel so much better now that I've read through your Baby Registry 101, what not to register for, and printed out the list! I was feeling so overwhelmed but not anymore.Thank you!

    1. So glad you found this helpful! Congrats and have fun registering!! :)


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